Never conform. Don't follow the rules of society. Be yourself. Live your life not theirs.

Makes you forget your human being, and they call it the Money Machine

Culture is better when its taboo

Culture is better when its taboo, forbidden and evil or else its just another trend.

Preps, jocks, losers, pretty girls and rich kids have tattoos now. When trends go sour people steal from the underground, the artists, musicians, the poor, the indigenous, minorities, the gang members, the outcasts, the forgotten, the punk rockers, the blue collar, those out side your frame of existence. You rape people like me of our individuality to be cute. And you judge us for being weird, different and awkward? Keep tattoos hardcore, keep skateboarding illegal, keep punk rock punk, keep art pure and natural.

We are the passionate, we are insane, we love what we do, we are fascinated. Leave us be.

Fuck you.

Don’t ignore me for too long, because one day I might be out of your reach
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